Alternative Career Paths for Pharmacy graduates

You must be thinking that career opportunities in the field of pharmacy must be limited or just restricted to be a pharmacist. But what if the best pharmacy college Dehradun, GRD-IMT tells you that you have to think the other way round if you think so!

Soon after graduating from the field of pharmacy, various opportunities come your way; it’s all up to you to make the right choice. Today we will be discussing alternative career paths for pharmacy graduates. If you are looking forward to pursuing a pharmacy degree then, GRD IMT is one of the most reputed institutes in Dehradun with experienced faculties, as well as strong alumni.

This makes it possible for the students of GRD IMT institute to get a great starting career opportunity. This institute is a foundation of a bright and strong career, the pharmaceutical department of GRD IMT is equipped with all the latest technologies and instruments as well as many practical theories and internship opportunities are provided to the students of this institute.

So here we start with the alternative career opportunities for pharmacy graduates:

1. Medical sale representative

This is a good career option if you wish to explore the field of sales and marketing of medicines or medical tools. The starting salary is good enough and you gain skills and knowledge with respect to the pharmacy as well as marketing.

2. Finance

Pharmacy students can also explore the field of finance for that the students need to work on their analytical and problem-solving skills and of course, they need to be good at playing with numbers.

3. Teaching

Teaching is again a good option for pharmacy students which they can surely pursue and further go on becoming a professor at a collegiate level. The best pharmacy college Dehradun takes care that teachers in the institute are highly educated and experienced.

4. Science journalist

Writing articles on science based on new medicines and various other aspects are again a good option only if you are interested in writing and good at language.

5. Research and development

Job profiles based on research and development offer a good opening package. If this is the profile that interests you then you should definitely give it a try!

6. Community pharmacy

This is one of the most chosen career options among pharma graduates. Community pharmacy includes counselling patients, advising them on medications. The demand for this role increases based on intelligence and experience.

7. Regulatory affairs officers

In this job profile, you will need to use your knowledge on drug development and related ethics & laws making sure that the new medicines coming into the market are safe to consume. This is an exciting and responsible job profile.

These were few alternative career paths which you can go for soon after your graduation in pharmacy along with that if you wish to pursue further education in the field of pharmacy you can surely choose that too as that will boost your salary and a good higher position. We hope it was informative for you and you enjoyed reading it! For any admission-related queries for B. Pharma, you can get in touch with the best pharmacy college Dehradun, GRD-IMT.

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